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Discretionary spending on media and entertainment by end consumers are directly linked to the underlying economic sentiment – the more positive the sentiment, the better the industry performance. We work with clients across new age media such as online channels and podcasts as well as traditional media such as television broadcast and print media where we help them optimize their internal operations, improve ad sales revenueand design an effective content strategy by leveraging on the power of analytics and machine learning.
Some of our key focus areas in this domain include:

Ad Revenue Optimization

Our analytics based solutions for media enterprises are aimed at bringing leading practices in the digital media space to traditional media such as television and newspapers. Our analytics solutions range from customer lifetime value models that are aimed at predicting your most valuable customers to look alike modelling that identifies potential target customers. Our machine learning models effectively monetisegranular customer behaviour data (media consumption patterns at a day part, day of week, program, channel level) and customer demographic data by identifying addressable target audiences for advertisers. This results in a win-win situation for both advertisers and media houses as advertisers pay for audiences and not for ad-slots and media houses charge higher rates by offering targeted advertising and increased transparency about campaign effectiveness.

Customer Analytics

Our customer analytics models leverage data from multiple sources including third party databases and social media and combine both structured and unstructured data to arrive at richer insights.
Some of our key solutions are listed below:
Sentiment Analysis:
Provides key insights about your brand perception
Predictive Churn Models:
Early identification of customers with a propensity to churn
Customer Personas:
Creation of customer personas based on behaviour pattern analysis


Our team of global professionals bring together best practices relevant to specific client situations and provide actionable insights that help clients achieve their true potential.Our analytics accelerators, help our clients realise business benefits from their analytics investments at a fast pace. Click here to understand more about our proprietary engagement methodology ‘EDGE’.

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