Financial Services

Globally, financial service enterprises are sitting on vast amounts of data, however they are often puzzled by how this data can be leveraged to address strategic and operational challenges - improving margins, offering seamless multi-channel customer experience and minimizing compliance costs.

Our team of data analytics and financial domain experts assist clients in leveraging data to constantly innovate and take data driven business decisions to manage the challenges and capitalize on the significant opportunitiesin a well-connected world.

Customer Relationship Monetization

Our analytics based solutions assist financial service companies in effectively monetising their customer relationships using the right product and the right channel for the right customer. Our customer analytics solutions range from customer lifetime value models that are aimed at predicting your most valuable customers to wallet-share models that aid in effective cross-sales and up-sales. These models are aimed at accelerating profitable growth by shifting away from a transactional approach to a customer centric approach by applying analytics to provide personalized strategies for various stages in the customer life-cycle.

Product Design

By leveraging historical customer and transaction data as well as information about the competitor landscape and regulatory environment, we assist our clients in designing the right products and schemes for the end customer. Data analytics models are deployed on prior campaign data and sales incentive information to generate insights for the product launch strategy. This includes recommendations for incentive structures and promotional campaigns to enable profitable revenue growth for the product. Product pricing recommendations are made based on price discovery models that take into consideration competitor product pricing, customer price sensitivity and the financial costs.

Risk Management and Corporate Governance

Our predictive fraud analytics models assist clients in flagging off potential fraudulent clients and transactions before they result in a financial loss. Our proprietary analytics driven credit scoring models help evaluate risks at every stage of the credit lifecycle, and suggest effective intervention strategies, thus minimizing risks of default.


Our team of financial services specialists come with several years of industry and consulting experience across insurance, banking and securities sectors. This, combined with our proprietary models and accelerators help us to understand client needs and tailor our solution offerings to provide deep value. Click here to know more about the GITA EDGE methodology and how it can benefit your enterprise, regardless of your current position in the analytics maturity curve.

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