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The healthcare ecosystem of patients, hospitals and insurance providers is evolving rapidly as technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in healthcare inclusion and preventive healthcare. Our healthcare analytics solutions bring together vast amounts of data often residing in disjoint silos to generate key insights that offer the following business benefits:

Reduce Administrative Costs

Using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques, we analyse patient and disease profiles, bed occupancy patterns and resource utilizations to arrive at practical recommendations on reducing administrative overheads for hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Support Clinical Decision Making

Our robust patient dashboards offer clinicians a comprehensive view of the patient’s history, lab results, current drug usage, lifestyle parameters, prior conditions and treatment regimesin a single view. This would enable better clinical outcomes and avoid prescriptions of medicines that may have reactions with the current treatment regime of the patient.

Minimize Frauds

Our healthcare fraud analytics solutions evaluate multiple parameters such as patient profile and history, claim amount, disease profile and prevalence and prior claim data to flag off potential fraudulent claims for further scrutiny. Preventing frauds and related expenses would in turn contribute to lower healthcare costs overall and promote better coverage and faster claims processing for genuine cases.


The world today is emphasising the need for mega-interventions that can improve health indicators at a massive scale – not just with new products, but also through behavioural changes of all stakeholders – patients, care providers, manufacturers and intermediaries.Our team of pharma and healthcare professionals work closely with your teams to help you navigate this complex world of spiralling healthcare costs due to lifestyle diseases, highly aware patients, and the rapid spread of vector-borne diseases through effective use of healthcare analytics models so as to create a better and healthier world.

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