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CPulse is a ready-to-use cloud based customer sentiment analysis tool. In the connected world we live in today, feedback from customers on a service or product is almost instantaneous. CPulse offers a great opportunity for organizations to tap into the unstructured data available on social media and make product or service adjustments. CPulse employs advanced text mining tools, Social media API and a bunch of machine learning algorithms to provide clear insight


CClone is a proprietary platform that helps organizations clone their good customers. The platform is an accelerator that employs Statistic models and Machine learning algorithms in analyzing data from internal datasources with external or third party data to identify customers similar to your good customers. This helps organizations in getting better yield from the marketing spend.


Credso is a platform to promote financial inclusion. CREDSO analyses your social media profiles and activities to arrive at current credit worthiness. In addition to profile details, CREDSO can also predict credit-worthiness using lifestyle and behaviour indicators as demonstrated by your posts and your social media network strength. The platform helps borrowers gain access to funds that they could not access previously. It also helps lenders in making objective credit decisions.


CValue is an analytical platform that acts as an accelerator and helps organizations arrive at a quantitative way to understand their customers. It helps organizations take important decisions about customer acquisition, customer retention, product design and sales strategy.

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