The retail industry today generates huge volumes of data primarily due to the widespread e-commerce and m-commerce revolution. While traditional brick and mortar stores are attempting to offer their merchandise through e-commerce platforms, the pure-play e-commerce players are exploring the possibility of establishing brick and mortar customer touch points.

Our team of data analytics and financial domain experts assist clients in leveraging data to constantly innovate and take data driven business decisions to manage the challenges and capitalize on the significant opportunitiesin a well-connected world.

Insightful Dashboards

Our powerful performance measurement and data visualization engines provide a comprehensive view of customer behaviour, web traffic, store footfalls and inventory movement so as to enable retailers take the right decisions regarding customer outreach, marketing campaigns, product mix and store layouts. Our dashboards are developed using a variety of tools such as Tableau, QlikView and Spotfire.

Customer Profitability Management

Our range of customer analytics solutions for retailers enables you to predict your most valuable customers and devise the right strategies for enhancing loyalty and retention. Our wallet-share models and pricing engines use advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to improve cross sales/up-sales revenues. These models are aimed at accelerating profitable growth by shifting away from a transactional approach to a customer centric approach by applying analytics to provide personalized strategies for various stages in the customer life-cycle.

Recommendation Engines

Recommendation engines are an integral part of any e-commerce site. The right product recommendations can not only enhance sales, but also improve the customer experience.

Our recommendation engines are based on advanced collaborative filtering techniques that consider several variables including customer purchase history and what similar customers have purchased in the past.

Campaign Management

As customer attention spans dwindle and newer communication channels open up, retail CMOs are constantly grappling with how to enhance campaign ROIs. Our marketing and campaign analytics solutions help you to plan your marketing campaigns based on in-depth insights about customer profiles and channel and message effectiveness. Our post-campaign analytics suite help to effectively measure outcomes through robust and user friendly measurement models and visualization dashboards. We also assist clients to optimize their in-store campaigns and personalize customer communications so as to increase conversions.

Sales Forecasting and Merchandise Planning

Our forecasting engines and merchandise planning models leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to plan the merchandise mix based on store features, product features, seasonality and past sales. Our solutions directly improve forecast accuracy and minimize stock-out situations for our clients. This results in streamlined operations and increased profitability.

Supply Chain Analytics

Some of our key supply chain analytics solutions include supplier performance measurement models, route optimizers and inventory optimization models. These are aimed at optimizing the retail supply chain by minimizing costs and optimizing availability.


Our team of retail domain experts and analytics professionals work together to build robust analytics models which help retailers accelerate towards profitable growth through effectively embedding ‘analytics thinking’ into day to day operations – be it marketing, sales, merchandise planning or customer experience. Our proprietary models and accelerators help retailers across the spectrum of analytics maturity curve to leverage the power of data for business benefits. Click here to know more about the GITA EDGE methodology and how it can benefit your enterprise.

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